Please help us keep the music playing
for you, your friends and neighbors!!
Your generous donation means more than ever this year.

Competition for funding amongst arts and cultural organization in Westchester has increased reducing our grant awards.  Conversely, our concert-related expenses continue to grow. Each concert costs approx. $16,000. to bring to you.

This year, we have ambitious plans to further our mission and better serve you. For the 57th year we will continue to provide 3 concerts free of charge for residents; and, for the 44th year  we will feature the winners of our annual Young Artists Concerto Competition as soloists in a special concert. We will be working with the Yonkers Board of Education to offer music appreciation and master classes to public school students.  In partnership with various Yonkers arts organizations, we plan to offer free chamber music concerts throughout the city. 

Most of our funding comes thru grants. Even so, we still rely on friends, neighbors and audience members like you for continued financial support. Won’t you help us keep the music playing?

There are a number of ways you can support us.  

  • Make and annual contribution
  • Become a sustaining benefactor
  • Establish a matching contribution thru your employer, Facebook or ArtsWestchester
  • Set up an Amazon Smiles account
  • Remember us in your will.

We trust you’ll find the level or type of contribution that best meets your needs. Your donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. 

We thank you in advance for your continued support.

How much does it cost to produce A ‘Free’ YPO Concert?

Nothing is ever really free!  Each YPO concert costs FAOS about $16,000 to produce. Many of our expenses are covered by grants from ArtsWestchester, the Westchester Community Foundation, the Thomas and Agnes Carvel Foundation, Yonkers Rotary and the Thomas and Agnes Carvel Foundation. Other expenses are covered through donations of in-kind services (i.e. space rental from the Yonkers City Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation) or time (i.e. FAOS board members. However, to make ends meet, we must still rely on donations from our loyal friends – like you!!

Here is a breakdown of our current concert expenses:

Musicians  $13,000
Piano Rental  $  1,600 (as needed)
Programs $  1,400
Mailings           $     400
Arrangements /music  $     350
Total Costs  $16,650

  Here are our Contribution Levels:

Golden Club  $  2,000 or more
Director’s Circle $  1,000
Benefactor $     500
Sponsor $     200
Patron $     100
Supporter $       50
Donor $       25

Please help us keep the music playing!!

Become a Sustaining Benefactor

Our Sustaining Benefactor program ensures that basic support for the Yonkers Philharmonic Orchestra will continue in the near future.

Each Benefactor pledges a minimum contribution of $100 or more per year for a period of three Years. FAOS is a registered 501 (c)(3) not for profit organization, so your contribution is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Download sustaining benefactor form here.

Some other ways to support FAOS / YPO

Make an annual contribution
Select the category which is best suits you. (Golden Club $2,000; Director’s Circle $1,000; Benefactor $500; Sponsor $200; Patron $100; Supporter $100; Donor $25)

Become a multi-year sustaining  benefactor
Instead of making a contribution every year, make a commitment to contribute the same amount for several years. 

Establish a matching contribution
Many employers offer a contribution matching program. Or, donate thru Facebook or ArtsWestchester. 

Set-up an Amazon Smiles account
Your Amazon purchases can benefit FAOS with no additional cost to you.  It’s simple: open your Amazon account, then open the ‘Support us’ page on our website. On the right-hand side of the page, click on the Amazon Smile logo. It will automatically link to your Amazon account. FAOS will receive a contribution from Amazon for all of your purchases. FAOS/YPO website: (

Remember us in your will
For information, visit our Supporter page on this website or the Dr. Kathleen Pistone Carucci Legacy Fund table at our concerts. There you will find information on the ways you can continue to support us for generations to come. Your continued support means a great deal to us. no bequest is too bug or too small.